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31 Mar 2016
BTV SOLO is a highly praised music production software because of its innovation and practical design.

btv solo review

Among the most recent music production software for PC’s to hit the beat making scene may be the BTV SOLO by 2 x Grammy Highest rated music producer Dallas Austin, who's caused many huge name artists including Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Will.I.Am, Lady Gaga and Madonna. The accolades sound great don’t they? Well, it means nothing if BTV SOLO does not allow you to produce great music. Fortunately, Dallas knows some things about forcing hit records, and has implemented precisely the same professionally engineered sounds and technology that they uses, in their software. I’ve had the capacity to attempt a demo of BTV SOLO plus my review, I’ll go through all of the good and not so excellent points of BTV SOLO, and how it compares to competing music production softwares. Suitable for Beginners: Layout, design, navigation, functionality and versatility are common specifically made for beginner music producers. Pre-Loaded Sound & Drum Kits: There are over a large number of professionally engineered sounds and drum kits included to get your talents flowing. Import Your own personal Sounds: It is possible to import .wav or .aiff 16-24 bit sound files and blend it with your sound library. This is just the thing for sampling. Sample & Chop: You are able to import a song or movie audio clip that you like, and chop it down and adjust its sound match your track. Tonnes Of Effects: There are numerous on-board effects to produce some weird and cool sounds, which you'll play about with. Custom Sound & Kit Builder: You could make your own personal drum kits and sounds allowing you to have your individual important signature sound that’s easily recognizable. MIDI Controller Connection: You'll be able to connect a MIDI controller device like a MIDI keyboard, to ensure that it’s easier to play melodies. Two Licenses: You can use this software on a couple of your individual PC’s, or give a copy into a friend if you’re kind enough. Lifetime Upgrades: You'll find big promises to improve the capabilities of BTV SOLO, and you’ll get all of the updates. Affordable: Very, very reasonably affordable price which again, is the reason it’s well suited for beginners. No VSTi Plugin Option: Currently, there’s no substitute for install VSTi’s (virtual studio technology) on this, or utilize this like a VSTi to use to audio workstations, though it’s within the plans for future updates. There's a chance you're believing that the layout of BTV SOLO looks familiar. That’s because essentially, it’s a less strenuous sort of BKE Tech’s Beat Thang Virtual software, as well as a software type of their Beat Thang Hardware. In other words, BTV SOLO are capable of doing nearly all of exactly what the costlier Beat Thang Virtual and Hardware are capable of doing, but doesn’t feature a sampler nor VSTi, and has less sounds. So without further ado, let’s conclude the nitty gritty. If you’ve ever used or seen interfaces of other music production software, you’ll immediately notice that the BTV SOLO is exclusive. It’s laid out as an MPC (music production controller) machine, which lets you quickly access different drums and sounds for a fast and versatile workflow. Around the left hand side is where your entire sounds and drum kits are listed, that may be sent to the important thing pads at the end main area. Just above, are 16 channels, each representing another sequence. The screen display shows anything that you’re currently playing, in a easy to understand manner. To the right of the it are several sounds, with increased options present on the screen whenever a particular sound is chosen. That’s really it. You will get employed to it in just a few hours because it’s so simple. Then you can definitely literally produce a beat in an hours by making use of your keyboard and mouse, or perhaps external MIDI controller. I really enjoy the fact that you can use another MIDI controller for instance a keyboard or possibly a drum pad. Therefore that one could play melodies and drum patterns from your MIDI device, and it will correspond in BTV SOLO’s interface immediately. This will make is much more practical and easier to generate a beat, as opposed to utilizing your computer keyboard. You cannot find this feature in online beat makers or any other cheaper music production softwares because they’re not sophisticated to manage such technology. You can check out the most notable Ten best MIDI Keyboards here. In other cheap music production softwares (especially online ones), you’re largely limited on effects and mastering tools, and for that reason, you have a beat that sounds very amateurish. You can find three primary ingredients that makes an incredible instrumental - Your creativity, use of great sounds and mastering the track. BTV SOLO incorporates features that produces this possible. Firstly, consider using already professionally engineered sounds and drums. Secondly, they must sound appealing. Many offers both. Although I haven’t undergone the a large number of sounds and a huge selection of drum kits that are included, the one’s I've tested out, sounds high quality. It’s the level of sounds you'd probably hear in number one hit records. This shouldn’t be unexpected since these are similar sounds employed by Dallas Austin, super producer and founding father of BTV SOLO. You also have the choice to import your personal sounds to the workstation and rehearse them, or you can develop your own personal sounds directly from scratch. Sound expansion packs are around for additional costs. Making full use of the effects 's what will separate your beats from someone else’s. There’s an entirely load of different effects tools including phasers, flangers, pitch-shifters, coil and old vinyl effects, reverbs, delays plus more. If you’re just starting out, you likely won’t understand what most of them do and soon you play about with them. They essentially help make your sound unique, and will certainly throw open more ideas in your thoughts. Mastering is how things get a little more technical, but that’s a very important thing, given it will help you carefully tune in to ab muscles miniscule but important alterations in sounds, and the way they’re arranged. Mastering tools like compression, limiting, volume adjustment and EQ serves to edit minor flaws and add charm to sounds. You’ll quickly find out about the final tweaks that the beat needs to become ideal for listeners. So you've got on the hundred drum kits already installed, what if you need to import your own personal sounds or select specific kicks, hi-hats and snares to create a favorites list? Together with the Custom Drum Kits builder it is possible to assign each instrument to sound pad, that will create your own combination. This keeps all of your favourite sounds in one location, and really does help you to make beats considerably faster. The instrument builder works the very same way, but with more flexibility since you can layer multiple instruments together to produce a completely new sound. Hardly any other music production softwares within BTV SOLO’s budget offer this selection, and people who do, usually are not as basic to make use of, and certainly not as effective.

btv solo review


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